Why You Should Automate Your Tests

Many software projects neglect testing due to time and cost constraints, eventually resulting in loss of quality. The customer is unhappy and in the end quality costs will indeed increase. At the same time, modern software solutions are usually too complex to continuously ensure quality and efficiency by means of manual tests. Test automation significantly improves the development process of a software solution.

Automated tests run faster than manual tests and provide fast feedback. They are also repeatable and reproducible. Especially with maintenance-intensive products, they quickly pay for themselves – not least because they also quickly reveal possible errors during modification procedures, e.g. when implementing new features.

Our Holistic Approach

Enthusiastic Software Testers

Manual software tests are error-prone and cannot be reproduced, frustrating the testers. With automated tests, on the other hand, testing can actually be fun. They deliver fully automatic, reliable, and reproducible results. Automate your software testing to free up resources and make room for the next feature.

Increasing Revenues Through Test Automation

The earlier errors are found, the less damage they can cause. Automated tests help to eliminate bugs before the software release, they also guarantee software stability, ensure customer satisfaction and increase sales.

More Efficient Development Cycles

Automated test cases check every step in the development and quickly provide information on the quality of the current software version. Once created, tests can be repeated at any time, enabling short feedback loops in development and ensuring that current changes have no negative impact on existing product functions.

Productivity and Quality Gains

Quality, cost, and time are success parameters in product development processes. The later a defect is discovered, the greater the impact it has on quality costs. Automated tests accelerate error detection and save a lot of time compared to manual tests, better invested, for example, in developing new, high-quality features.

Competence Along the Entire Testing Pyramid


Do not leave your software’s success to chance, for continuous quality assurance instead rely on Aridox’s many years of expertise and know-how. Extend your build pipeline with Aridox’s open source test automation solutions. This will allow you to go live faster, while securing your business value also in the long run.

Comprehensive Test Management with Aridox

Process Management with ConSol CM

Ultimately, the quality of your applications is assessed by the users. Effective quality assurance therefore looks over and beyond any given server: Applying automated E2E tests, you will be able to make sure that your web or rich client lives up to its promises.

Only if all components cooperate perfectly, communicating smoothly with all interfaces, is your software ready for release. Fully automated integration tests ensure successful project progress, up to the go-live.

Automated tests in combination with build pipelines keep your team up to date and shorten the “time to market”. In addition, you are always clear for release – while your software works as expected.