Cyber Security


Cyber Security - Cornerstone of Your Business Success

Cyber attacks are becoming more common and sophisticated, and no company or organization is immune to them. With the rise of advanced IT security risks, new attack vectors and patterns, traditional IT security methods are often insufficient. At our IT security consulting firm, we prioritize securing your data, systems, and business success with IT security solutions and managed security services. Modern cyber security requires more than just virus protection and firewalls. Effective security mechanisms must protect the entire information space and all networks, both real and virtual, that serve the exchange and handling of data and information. This includes critical infrastructures, all devices used, and even human users themselves. We are here to help you achieve a secure digital transformation.

Cyber Security Strategy, Operational IT Security & Managed Security

At Aridox, we believe that having an integrated cyber security strategy is crucial to protect your valuable resources – from data and applications to systems and architectures. This, in turn, leads to lasting business success.

Our team of experts can advise and support you throughout the entire process, from strategy to implementation. In addition to technical know-how, we provide project and requirements management, risk and process analysis, as well as other established traditional and agile methods and process models. By applying standards and established best practices, we can help reduce risks such as unexpected cost increases and delays.

Our approach at Aridoxis to always align IT security solutions with the relevant legal and regulatory framework regarding governance, risk and compliance. Our consulting service is vendor-neutral and solution-oriented, taking into account that projects are planned and implemented by people for people. With this awareness, we achieve sustainable results and high customer satisfaction.

We understand that the best concept cannot improve your IT security if the implementation in the processes and systems is not consistently followed and monitored. This is why we offer operational IT security management and implementation services for more security in your organization. From the introduction and configuration of appropriate standard tools or special solutions to the documentation and continuous optimization of your security architecture, we’ve got you covered.

With the increasing complexity and criticality of cyber threats, as well as protective measures and security tools, many organizations find it increasingly difficult to ensure adequate protection or self-sufficient responsiveness despite the support of outside professionals. At Aridox, we offer managed security services, especially for medium-sized or government customers, taking full care of the operation of your security – whether with our own employees on-site or as a service within our own Security Operations Center.

With many years of project experience, we have extensive strategic knowledge, technical know-how, and process expertise to identify vulnerabilities, appropriate security tools, and cyber-attack protection measures. We are happy to use this knowledge to work together with you to minimize the risks of digital convergence.